Non warranty (50 brands)

KEBE Repair + Service repairs devices from a lot of brands. Besides the brands for which we have an authorisation (and therefore do all the repairs with warranty), we also repair several other brands in our workspace in Eindhoven. Of course we can help you with the usual defects caused by wear, but we also repair in case of:
– Damage caused by lightning / overvoltage
– Damage caused by moisture / fluids / leakage

Repair of devices without warranty

For the following brands, we recover most of the devices. Please register for non warranty repairs via the contact form below. For repairs of other brands, please contact us first.

Blackstar repareren
Dynacord repararen
Alleen Draaitafels
Alleen Draaitafels

Other brands we als repair in- and out of warranty click HERE.

Even more brands can be found on our tube-amplifier page and our keyboard page.